Getting the Ladies Together for a Tea Party!

When I was a little girl, I never really played tea party or a lot of those girly things. Yes, I was into Barbies, but I was more of a make mud pies, play cars on my grandmother’s fireplace, or even a climb trees kind of girl.  I hung out with more boys than girls, just because sometimes they got kind of boring and I wanted to be playing outside, rather than playing tea party. Now that I am an adult and have a busy life being a mother and wife, I like to take time to enjoy girly things like that now. So, in this article, we are going to plan the perfect tea party!  

The first thing is thinking about how many people and the date to have it and sending out invitations about it, that way people know what you have in mind! Here is a link to our beautiful tea party invitations.

tea party

There may be some reasons for planning a tea party. You might be getting married soon and this would be a perfect bridal shower with your lady friends. Perhaps you have a daughter turning 16 and what to throw a Sweet 16 Tea Party, or maybe a little one that wants to have a little tea party birthday with her little friends. A tea party is the perfect party theme for even a baby shower, and it can also be a great excuse for a simple gathering of lunch and a few cocktails with the best of friends. First you have to start planning, so here are some ideas for seating, after you get a head count of who will be there.

table setting

You have to have refreshments and drinks so your guests won’t get hungry and thirsty and I have found some simple food and drinks that will make them happy. When it comes to the food you will serve your guests lighter foods.  Serve something like mini tea sandwiches, cream cheese and asparagus, gorgeously colored pastel cookies, tart fruit bars or a fresh berry or yogurt parfait.  Offer your guests a cup of hot tea, a fresh cucumber water, a fun and light cocktail, ice tea or lemonade

tea party food

tea party drinks

mini salads

Now you have to think about decorations because you need to set the mood so here I have found some cute ideas for indoor or outdoor.




And you have to wear something that goes with the theme!


When it is time for you guests to leave, offer a take home gift such as a bag with a tea bag and sugar cubes, or maybe a little tea cup with plant seeds. Anything to thank them for coming. Thank you cards are pretty common too. Here is a link for our thank you cards designs.

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