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Let’s Have a Pet Party!!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Let’s Have a Pet Party!

cat and dog party


You may think having a pet party is a little weird but to some, their pets mean as much to them as something/someone you would love.  These animals have developed a special closeness to your heart and when their birthday arrives, you want to celebrate with them!

You have to plan a party to celebrate your pet’s birthday, but first things first is invitations! offers a variety of the cutest pet party invitations that celebrate our furry friends in a fun way with bright patterns and designs for any gender pets along with dog bones, paw prints, dog houses that make your pet feel like home, and much more!!  We also offer our pet birthday invitations with digital photographs, to give your invitations a more personable touch. Simply use the photo upload tool online and switch out up to 10 photos at a time to find the best fit for your pet party invitation.


So what exactly is a pet party?  Start by decorating your party area with colors that remind you of your furry pet’s personality. Serve some great snack foods like puppy chow (Chex Mix with a twist), edible dog biscuit cookies or sticks (pretzel rods).  Give each guest a ball, bone or dog toy to take home with them as a party favor for their own pet.  You can even invite other people’s pets to the party, if they’re friendly.  Be sure to take lots of pictures to commemorate their special day.

Take a look at some of our favorite pet party invitations below and make a great excuse for an end of summer party.  We are not just limited to invitations, check out our Pet Collection of pet announcements, pet birthday party invitations, personalized pet placemats, pet return address labels, pet self-inking stamps and pet stationery!