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Let’s Have an Inflatable Party

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Let’s Have a Bouncy House Party!


Inflatables are the best playground for your children and their friends. They can slide, bounce, and climb while remaining completely safe.  Bouncers are inspected when they are put together, and typically have inflatable safety rails and posts. Here are just five of the reasons that children adore bounce houses.


Fun with Friends!

When you throw a bounce house party, children can invite multiple friends and be entertained for hours. A lot of places now you can rent one all day! A bounce house is usually huge and can accommodate multiple children at a given time, unless otherwise posted. Many have obstacle courses inside, and kids can compete with their friends.

A Lively and Merry Appearance

There are so many different bright and vibrant colors on the bounce houses. Manufacturers produce these bouncers in a variety of colors, many of which are ones that children naturally are drawn to. Some of the original bounce houses were circular or square in shape, while some resembled homes, hence their “bounce house” moniker. However, nowadays, you can find a variety of shapes and colors There are animals, birthday cakes, and princess castles.

Playing Games Inside

Kids don’t have to just jump around in a bounce house. You can play organized games in the house, as well. There is a wide range of playground games that are made even more interesting inside a bouncer. Some of them have built-in basketball goals and come with squishy balls! Picture children playing “tag” or “Marco Polo” in an inflatable. Not only is it more enjoyable to skip around the bounce house than running across pavement or grass, but it is also much safer. Children don’t have to worry about bumps, bruises, and skinned knees. The ground is soft and cushion-like, and there are padded sides that form a secure boundary around the play area. Just be careful when jumping too close because there is always that chance of bumping heads!



Physical Activity

Another thrill that children get out of bounce house activity is the physical aspect. Kids love to move around, and physical activity has added health benefits. When kids play in the inflatable for hours on end, they are giving themselves quite the cardio workout. The wholesome exercise experience also gives them an excuse to burn off excess energy. Instead of sitting around inside playing video games, these children will exhaust themselves and will more than likely sleep for a restful eight hours that night.
Being Outside

Many kids would rather be outside playing.  Playing outside in the sunshine provides kids with vitamin D, and they get to breathe in the crisp, clean air. A bounce house party gives kids a very good reason to join their friends outside and participate in wholesome play. When it gets humid out, some bounce houses may even come with added pieces, such as water slides! You can actually construct your own miniature water park with inflatables and throw the coolest summer bounce house party ever! I know one year we took my son’s play slide and attached it to one of his inflatable pools and he loved sliding down into it over and over.