Month: July 2016

Art Party!!!

For any child, being an artist is easy, fun and exciting, as they test paints, markers, crayons and oil pastels to create colorful masterpieces.  And their masterpieces are sure to hang all over your walls at home and work, as well as the refrigerator at home. If your child is passionate about art, and never […]

Election Party!

Political Party Invitations Are you a proud Republican or Democrat?  Political talk is all over the news, commercials the radio and facebook these days, and I do have to say that this election has been a hard one.   There are some good points to each side so when November 8 comes, it is important […]

Snap Stamps

Accessories for your Snap Stamp   Stamping is a simple with the Noteworthy Collections Snap Stamp.  So, now that you have your Snap Stamps ordered and ready for events, why not jazz up your personal items even more with some Snap Stamp accessories from our Snap Stamp collection? Stamps are great for making your mark […]

Class Reunion

  “Schools out for summer!” Remember all the lovely styles of the 80s and 90s, well when we thought we had style but turns out none of us knew what we were doing. Hanging out at Wal-Mart until all hours and blaring our bass speakers with the windows rolled down because there was nothing else […]