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Art Party!!!

Friday, July 29th, 2016

For any child, being an artist is easy, fun and exciting, as they test paints, markers, crayons and oil pastels to create colorful masterpieces.  And their masterpieces are sure to hang all over your walls at home and work, as well as the refrigerator at home.

If your child is passionate about art, and never goes a day without creating their own art project, consider an art party for their next birthday party event!  They are fun for everyone and the best part is that each kid gets to take home their masterpiece as they leave your party.  Some of the most popular art party themes tend to be jewelry making, pottery painting and canvas painting.

Not sure where to start, which type of party to host or where you’ll find enough paint for ten kids?!  Have you ever done a search for kids art classes in your area?  It’s a great place to start!  A kids art studio may just be in your city or town that you didn’t even know about!  These places are great because the workers are great with kids and supply everything you’ll need for your art party – from smocks to paint to canvas or pottery items to paint, they’ll make sure your art party goes off without a hitch – and all you’ll have to do is supply the food, the birthday spirit and arrive with your guests!

To set the scene for your child’s art party, we have a variety of artistic kids birthday party invitations which will give your guests a little art inspiration before they head to your art party!  Choose from our painting and general art party invitations which feature paint splotches, art easels and canvas paint in a variety of pastel colors for girls or primary colors for boys or gender neutral art parties.

Don’t forget any extra decorations and party favors with maybe some paint brushes or sponges, really anything art related.

Check out some of our favorite art party invitations below and paint the party birthday party that they’ll never forget!




Election Party!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Political Party Invitations

Are you a proud Republican or Democrat?  Political talk is all over the news, commercials the radio and facebook these days, and I do have to say that this election has been a hard one.   There are some good points to each side so when November 8 comes, it is important to exercise our right to vote!

It is only appropriate to share our patriotic party invitation line.  We have now introduced brand new political invitations to help you prepare for the November 8th elections, whether you are spreading the word about voting, promoting a particular candidate or simply celebrating the amazing country we all live in.

You will find designs of red, white and blue, along with  ribbons, stars and stripes.  We have casual patriotic invitations as well as formal pocket political invitations which feature star printed pocket designs and satin red and white ribbons.  We have the classic donkey and elephant decor, along with flags.

Begin studying each candidate and vote for the one that you agree with the most!  The election is less than 4 months away! Know your American rights!

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How Did Yours Propose to You?

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

It’s wedding season again! The day he proposes is one of the days we all dream of when we are little girls, and the day we hope and pray for as adults when we follow our hearts and come to the realization that he is “the one”.  We fantasize about the moment when he proposes, however as all engaged and married girls know, the moment always surpasses anything we’ve ever dreamed of!  The moment he gets down on one knee, your heart feels like it’s about to beat out of your test. He may be nervous too because he isn’t sure if you are going to say yes or not! His throat might get scratchy and dry and it feels like forever waiting on your answer.

How did your special guy propose, or will he propose to you?  Maybe he’ll be cliche and propose on Valentine’s Day next year (like mine did hehe), or maybe he’ll take you on a romantic vacation and keep you guessing as to when the “moment” will happen (like what happened to my best friend in Ireland)!  Perhaps he’ll get down on one knee after he gets back from the military, or turn an ordinary walk in the rain into the best storm of your life.  Whatever way he proposes, it will be a moment that you both will remember and cherish forever.

These lucky couples had someone catch their proposals on camera…and I thought I’d give you a little love inspiration this Thursday afternoon…


Baby Names 2016

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016


Bringing children into the world can be difficult and you want to give your child a nice sounding name, one that they can use and be proud of the rest of their lives. Here is a list of the top 10 baby names of 2016:

1 Liam Emma
2 Noah Olivia
3 Ethan Ava
4 Lucas Sophia
5 Mason Mia
6 Oliver Isabella
7 Aiden Charlotte
8 Elijah Harper
9 James Amelia
10 Logan Abigail


We have pre-shipped envelopes available for those parents that would like to get a head-start on addressing their envelopes before the chaos of a newborn begins. All you have to do is choose the birth announcement design that you like and order it. When prompted to enter the text, just skip down to the special instructions box and note “pre-order birth announcements” and the expected due date. Once your baby arrives, just send an email with the text you would like printed on the card. If you don’t know the gender of your baby but would still like to pre-order your birth announcements and have the envelopes pre-shipped, just choose one girl and boy announcement that are the same size.

Snap Stamps

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Accessories for your Snap Stamp


Stamping is a simple with the Noteworthy Collections Snap Stamp.  So, now that you have your Snap Stamps ordered and ready for events, why not jazz up your personal items even more with some Snap Stamp accessories from our Snap Stamp collection?

Stamps are great for making your mark on your envelopes, insides of book covers, kids belongings or bake sale items – pretty much anything you want to put your name or style upon. One of our most popular Snap Stamp Accessories is our packages of round labels.  The come in a variety of colors in lime green, green, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.  We also sell multi-packs of labels, (in regular colors AND holiday colors), if you can’t just decide on one sticker color.  Simply position your round snap stamp design over the labels and press down to stamp your mark onto the sticker.  Peel back the sticker and now you have a colored personalized sticker to add to your personal items.

Want something a little more unique than black? We also sell replacement ink cartridges in a variety of colors so that you can swap out colors based on the holiday, event or mood that day!  Choose from black, blue, brown, grape, hot pink, lime green, magenta, maroon, ocean green, olive green, orange, purple, red or turquoise.  We also sell ink refill bottles in case you’ve already used up your 10,000 impressions – or just feel like you might!

With these fun Snap Stamp accessories you can create an entire gift package for your family, friends or maybe even your self.  Send someone a Snap Stamp gift box along with a spare ink pad or two and a set of labels and they’ll be all set to make their mark on their personal items!

Venue Direction Card, yes or no?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016


Is it important to send a venue direction card?


Q: I think the idea of putting a directions card in my invitation envelope is really old-school. I mean, everyone has GPS on their phones now, right? Do I have to include one?

A:This would best be answered by one of our all-time favorite quotes: “You Do You.” If you think direction cards are of the past, by all means leave them out of your wedding invitations. Be considerate of older guests, though. Elderly aunts and uncles might not be too familiar with Google Maps. And they are like my grandparents, who are stuck in the 20th century and don’t even have a computer and most definitely not a smart phone, these will be helpful. In their case, directions cards will probably help them out and minimize confusion.

Make it easier: Put the directions on your wedding website. Your wedding website is generally a great place for spreading information about your venue, any day-of changes, and so on. So, if you decide to forego the cards altogether, you’ll definitely want to direct guests there instead. On the bottom of your invitations, include little note with something like: “For more information about our venue, please check out our website at” Then add a map and directions at the bottom of the page so guests aren’t left totally out in the dark.



Summer Invitations

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Beat the Heat with Summer Party Invitations

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Tired of the heat???   So are we!!  Even at 100 degrees some days, our heat index has been over 105 and we’re all ready for a break!  We all know the expression…if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em!  There’s nothing we can do to make the sun cool down except celebrate it!

We all know the traditional summer party invitations with flip flops, pool scenes and under water adventures.  They’re all fun and definitely weather appropriate, however have you ever received an invitation in the mail that just took your breath away because it was so creative, fun and cool?  The below invitations will help you put up with the summer heat, and totally impress your guests!

Summer is all about having fun and this party invitation depicts that perfectly!  This amazing 5 x 5 inch invitation is die-cut in the shape of an orange Hawaiian shirt with hibiscus flowers throughout.  Open the shirt gate fold to reveal your party details on the inside of the card, which are printed on an ivory corrogated paper undershirt.   This invitation is perfect for Hawaiian luaus or tropical themed parties and also comes fully assembled so that you can mail it as soon as you receive your order.  Don’t expect to receive very many “no” RSVP’s with this adorable summer party invitation!

Pucker up, baby!  Who’s thirsty?  This summery invitation is completely unique, fun and fantastic.  Intrigue your guests with it’s green shimmering bottom base card and a lime wedge wheel that spins on a green brad to reveal your wording This summery invitation is perfect for corporate summer parties, adult birthday parties, summer cocktail parties or end of summer soirees!


Ready to join in the fun celebrating the heat, since you know you can’t beat it?  Check out the entire summer party invitation collection at!  There’s still plenty of time to celebrate the sun before the fall is upon us!

Thank You Card Etiquette

Friday, July 8th, 2016

People really like when you take the time to hand write a thank you card.  With all the technology, we forget that people love the more personal approach. We forget how impersonal texting, emailing or calling can be, and facebook thus becomes one of our main forms of communication.

Make an impression upon your recipient, just as they did on you with their kind gift or gesture, by sending a hand written thank you note.  It doesn’t have to be long, in-depth or hard to write, but just a simple “Dear Friend, Thank you so much for the lovely flowers you sent when my mother passed away.  They truly brightened up my room and made me think of you daily.  Can’t wait to see you in August!  Love, Tara” is significant.  When writing a thank you note, you simply need to thank the recipient, mention the gift and then maybe add a funny or nice comment about the gift or the event they attended.  Sign your name and you’re all set!

Just how long should, (or can), you wait to send out a thank you note?  For brides who are likely bombarded with gifts, you should send your thank you notes within three months of your wedding date.  If you’ve been caught up in wedding life and it’s four months out, send a thank you note anyway, even if it’s late.  A late thank you note is always better than no thank you note at all!  For a more casual event, one to two months is more appropriate.  The easiest thing to do is to send a thank you note a week or two after receiving any gift you receive.  Especially for brides, this can be extremely helpful.  That way you’re not up to your eyeballs in gifts and thank you notes to write, the day you return from your honeymoon trip!

Remember that pre-printed thank you notes are never an acceptable option, according to proper etiquette.  They are considered tacky all the way around, and may even offend some guests.  If you have children writing a thank you note, choose a fill-in thank you note instead of a blank canvas where it can be very hard to write.  If you are ill, remember it is always acceptable to have a close friend or relative write your thank you notes for you.  If none of the above, and you just have two hundred thank you notes to write for a sweet 16 or your wedding, make it easy on yourself and make a goal to write out 3-5 thank you notes each night before bed.  You’ll be done quicker than you know it and everyone will be pleased with you taking time to hand write that many notes.  Nobody wants to offend Grandma by sending her the same thank you note you sent to your entire guest list!

When choosing your stationery, remember that women traditionally use an ivory or white folded note with their names on the front center or their monogrammed initials.  Men typically use flat note cards in white or ivory.  If the couple is married, most of the time folded wedding stationery is used.  Make sure you choose stationery that best reflects your style and personality – if you enjoy looking at the notes when you write them, they’re more fun to write, and your guest will know that it’s from you, as soon as they open that envelope!

thank you


Class Reunion

Friday, July 1st, 2016


“Schools out for summer!” Remember all the lovely styles of the 80s and 90s, well when we thought we had style but turns out none of us knew what we were doing. Hanging out at Wal-Mart until all hours and blaring our bass speakers with the windows rolled down because there was nothing else to do at that time of night. We’re all full of high school memories that are so fun to share. And now the question may be…will you be attending your high school reunion? Are you ready to see who has changed, who hasn’t and who has made a name for themselves, or not?

jeans 1



Hopefully your class reunion won’t have you wearing your jeans backwards like the photo above. I never did understand that. It definitely didn’t look comfortable. Or perhaps the stirrup pants when they would give you a major wedgie .


 If you’re planning a class reunion, has some great invitations to send out to your fellow classmates, whether this is a formal or last-minute event. Choose an invitation with your school colors and begin planning a totally fun and reminiscent night for all to enjoy.


Check out the above class reunion invitation and others at!