Venue Direction Card, yes or no?


Is it important to send a venue direction card?


Q: I think the idea of putting a directions card in my invitation envelope is really old-school. I mean, everyone has GPS on their phones now, right? Do I have to include one?

A:This would best be answered by one of our all-time favorite quotes: “You Do You.” If you think direction cards are of the past, by all means leave them out of your wedding invitations. Be considerate of older guests, though. Elderly aunts and uncles might not be too familiar with Google Maps. And they are like my grandparents, who are stuck in the 20th century and don’t even have a computer and most definitely not a smart phone, these will be helpful. In their case, directions cards will probably help them out and minimize confusion.

Make it easier: Put the directions on your wedding website. Your wedding website is generally a great place for spreading information about your venue, any day-of changes, and so on. So, if you decide to forego the cards altogether, you’ll definitely want to direct guests there instead. On the bottom of your invitations, include little note with something like: “For more information about our venue, please check out our website at” Then add a map and directions at the bottom of the page so guests aren’t left totally out in the dark.



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