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Snap Stamps

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Accessories for your Snap Stamp


Stamping is a simple with the Noteworthy Collections Snap Stamp.  So, now that you have your Snap Stamps ordered and ready for events, why not jazz up your personal items even more with some Snap Stamp accessories from our Snap Stamp collection?

Stamps are great for making your mark on your envelopes, insides of book covers, kids belongings or bake sale items – pretty much anything you want to put your name or style upon. One of our most popular Snap Stamp Accessories is our packages of round labels.  The come in a variety of colors in lime green, green, light blue, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow.  We also sell multi-packs of labels, (in regular colors AND holiday colors), if you can’t just decide on one sticker color.  Simply position your round snap stamp design over the labels and press down to stamp your mark onto the sticker.  Peel back the sticker and now you have a colored personalized sticker to add to your personal items.

Want something a little more unique than black? We also sell replacement ink cartridges in a variety of colors so that you can swap out colors based on the holiday, event or mood that day!  Choose from black, blue, brown, grape, hot pink, lime green, magenta, maroon, ocean green, olive green, orange, purple, red or turquoise.  We also sell ink refill bottles in case you’ve already used up your 10,000 impressions – or just feel like you might!

With these fun Snap Stamp accessories you can create an entire gift package for your family, friends or maybe even your self.  Send someone a Snap Stamp gift box along with a spare ink pad or two and a set of labels and they’ll be all set to make their mark on their personal items!