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Election Party!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Political Party Invitations

Are you a proud Republican or Democrat?  Political talk is all over the news, commercials the radio and facebook these days, and I do have to say that this election has been a hard one.   There are some good points to each side so when November 8 comes, it is important to exercise our right to vote!

It is only appropriate to share our patriotic party invitation line.  We have now introduced brand new political invitations to help you prepare for the November 8th elections, whether you are spreading the word about voting, promoting a particular candidate or simply celebrating the amazing country we all live in.

You will find designs of red, white and blue, along with  ribbons, stars and stripes.  We have casual patriotic invitations as well as formal pocket political invitations which feature star printed pocket designs and satin red and white ribbons.  We have the classic donkey and elephant decor, along with flags.

Begin studying each candidate and vote for the one that you agree with the most!  The election is less than 4 months away! Know your American rights!

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