Ice Cream Social!!

Set the Scene

Set up a buffet style layout with vintage glassware, metallic trays and textiles. Also have a menu ready for ingredients of your choice!

Spread the Word!!

Set the tone for the rest of the event with invitations designed by your favorite invitation company, Invitation Box!



A colorful garland strung above the sundae bar adds whimsy and a festive feel. All it takes are printables and string!


Display It

A handwritten chalkboard menu set in an ornate white frame announces flavors and toppings in a casual way and acts as a fun focal point for the sundae bar. You can make one if you don’t have it! ┬áSpray-paint a vintage picture frame white, then spray a piece of foam board with chalkboard spray paint. After allowing the board to completely dry, mount it to the back of the frame.


Fill a galvanized bucket with layers of ice and cold water for maximum cooling, then nestle all the flavors inside with an ice cream scoop at the ready. You don’t want it melting!


When it comes to toppings, we say, the more, the better. Nuts, sprinkles, crushed cookies, shredded coconut, fresh berries, crushed candy bars, hot fudge and caramel sauce are all classic additions, but virtually anything goes. Display them in simple glass bowls with plenty of spoons for scooping. A silver or metal tray adds a touch of glamour while working as a catchall for spilled toppings.


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