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DIY Fall Decorating

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

I admit, I am one of those ladies who couldn’t care less about seasonal decorating but there is something about walking into your house and it smelling like pumpkin and spice and everything nice! It brings a comfort to you and kinda sets you up to get in the holiday spirit. I have found some DIY fall decorations for just that reason.

Here all you do is get cones, rings and string!



The next piece I have posted is simple. Just get a wreath or a cylinder and hot glue pine cones to it!


This next one is so easy it doesn’t require any work, I mean none at all! All you need is a glass vase, fake pumpkins and flowers! You can also add some tags to the flowers or tree that you have put inside the vase to put things you are thankful for. Say those at thanksgiving dinner!


There are so many other ideas, visit Pinterest to claim yours!

Thank Your Caregivers!

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Today is National Caregiver’s Day and I felt the need to write a little something for those that care for others on a full time basis. When you are in charge of managing doctor’s appointments, making sure medications are taken on time and daily, doing basic care needs such as assisting with bathing and teeth brushing, as well as household tasks, it can take a toll on you and you forget to take of yourself.  Even if you help take care of a child, that is still considered a caregiver. Those that are cared for or done for, often times forget to thank the ones that do so much for them! Well take time for yourself. So go get a pedicure, a facial, maybe even a new outfit because you deserve it! I would like to thank my grandmother and mother in law for picking my son up from school and taking care of him until I get home from work!


DIY Halloween Costumes

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Are you tired of trying to figure out what you or your child will be for halloween?  I have compiled a list of do it yourself and creative costumes with out breaking the bank.

Bag of Jelly Beans

As much as my son loves jelly beans, he would like this!

What you need to do: Get a clear trash bag, cut holes for your arms and legs to fit through. Print the nutritional facts on the back of the costume, just like what you see on the backs of candy bags. Fill up the bag with colored balloons for the jellybeans, and tie up the trash bag near your neck with a ribbon.




All you need is an old white sheet! Just cut out holes for the eyes, maybe even do a mouth and put red marker around it for a girl ghost!

Waldo and Wenda

Great couples costume!

What you need to do: Get a red- and white-striped shirt, red and white cap, black- and round-rimmed glasses, and a pair of jeans. Wenda’s glasses are a little more triangular, and she also wears red- and white-striped socks, along with a denim skirt.


Tooth Fairy and Tooth

The tooth fairy costume might be the perfect outfit to wear when handing out candy to children.

What you need: Get a tutu, wings, tiara, and a wand with a cardboard cutout of a tooth stuck to the tip. For the tooth, you’ll need a bunch of pillows.



Home Improvement’s Wilson

Who didn’t watch Home Improvement in the 90s? This is such a clever costume that’s really easy and affordable to make. Watch out, you may be asked for advice!

What you need to do: Get popsicle sticks to make the fence, beige floppy hat, and a brown plaid shirt.


Grumpy Cat

This Grumpy Cat costume is for those who are in love with the world’s grumpiest meme.

What you need to do: Get white face paint, lots of brown eyeshadow, and a sponge for blending. Wear a white outfit, brown cat ears, and a brown tail.

Grumpy Cat Makeup


Wednesday Addams

If you wear this costume, be prepared to talk about all things grim to everyone.

What you need to do: Get a long back dress with long sleeves and a white collar (collar can be made and sewn on). Braid your hair, and dust white powder onto your face and hands for pale skin.


Care Bears

Brighten up a Halloween party by opting for the Care Bear group costume.

What you need to do: Make ears out of colored paper or felt, pick a bear to emulate, then wear its requisite colors. Finally, make your Care Bear belly out of white paper or felt cloth and draw the symbol on with colored Sharpies.


Men in Black

This will be one costume others won’t forget . . . or will they?

What you need to do: Wear a black suit, put on shades, and you’ll have your top secret Men in Black costume.






The Ultimate Sports Birthday Party!

Thursday, September 1st, 2016


Do you have a boy or girl in your life that loves sports? Why not put on a sports birthday party for them?!  This is the perfect opportunity to give them that special cake for their birthday and then have their party at the park on the weekend. Plenty of room for all of the little ones to run around and get crazy without you stressing out about you house.  With the games/activities you have planned you know a sports birthday party needed to be somewhere with more room to run.


Invitations Box has the perfect birthday party invites for you!



Let the festivities begin once the kids get there! The first game you can do a Hot Potato football game with just a little bit of masking tape. Even add in a couple of extra balls to pass around and add a little twist.  The kids will love it!


Next, head over to the field goal kick that you can make out of PVC pipe and pool noodles.


The last game you can do is a basketball shoot with the kids having to shoot a basketball bean bag through a hula hoop that another one of the kids was holding.

These sports lollipops are the perfect party favor that your kids can take home!