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Thank Your Caregivers!

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Today is National Caregiver’s Day and I felt the need to write a little something for those that care for others on a full time basis. When you are in charge of managing doctor’s appointments, making sure medications are taken on time and daily, doing basic care needs such as assisting with bathing and teeth brushing, as well as household tasks, it can take a toll on you and you forget to take of yourself. ¬†Even if you help take care of a child, that is still considered a caregiver. Those that are cared for or done for, often times forget to thank the ones that do so much for them! Well take time for yourself. So go get a pedicure, a facial, maybe even a new outfit because you deserve it! I would like to thank my grandmother and mother in law for picking my son up from school and taking care of him until I get home from work!