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CREEPY Halloween Party Invitations

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Ready for a fright?  Pretty soon the ghosts will be coming (or creeping) out for Halloween night!  I’ve never been one to host a Halloween party, however I am definitely always ready to find the perfect costume when I am invited to one!  Maybe you host an annual Halloween bash, or you’re just looking for another great excuse to get together with friends early this fall.  Or, maybe you’re just out for blood!  Whatever the reason, we have the perfect adult Halloween party invitations to help you set one amazingly scary scene for your upcoming Halloween event!

I think some of our coolest Halloween invitations this year have to be our most creepiest designs.  There’s nothing  better than spooking your guests as they open your party envelope, or simply scaring them so much that they wouldn’t dare NOT come to your party!  Check out some of our new creepy Halloween party invitations below and learn a little bit more about why InvitationBox is your #1 source for all of your Halloween party needs this 2012 fall season!

Halloween Graveyard Invitation by IB Designs – Designed by our very own graphic designers at InvitationBox, this is one of my favorite Halloween invitations this year.  It’s utterly creepy with an eerie orange cloudy sky and a large grey moon on the left side, which sits as the backdrop behind a dark black graveyard with a fence in the front.  A black silhouette of a witch flies over the moon in the top left corner of the card.  Pair this creepy invitation with an equally creepy matching reply card or ghost over the moon sticker and you’ll have one Halloween set that your guests will never forget!

If You Dare Invitation by Noteworthy Collections – Come if you dare!  This invitation design is actually from last year’s release, but it’s still a popular favorite upon all of our Halloween fanatics.  When you think of Halloween and what scares you the most, for me anyways, a dark skeleton always comes to mind!  This eerie yet somehow elegant invitation features an antique tan background with white streaks throughout, which almost looks like the paper has been folded.  The outer border of the card has an elegant damask pattern with an antique or vintage flare, and a black skeleton design adorns the right side of the card.  This invitation is available with a coordinating reply card and a very eerie and elegant round monogrammed label, which is perfect for envelope seals or return address labels.

Scare Crow Invitation by IB Designs – Another creepy invitation by IB Designs, this unique invite features a vibrantly eerie orange and red shaded background with piercing etch marks in the background making it look like it’s almost on fire!  The bottom of the invite is bordered with black grass and the left side of the card features a taunting scarecrow design in black which features a large jack-o-lantern head under a black witches hat.  To top it off, three black crows perch on the scarecrow’s arms, helping him look for his next prey.  Flip the card over to reveal a coordinating fiery back, too!

The weary be warned, these downright creepy Halloween invitations are not for the weak!  But we love it for a fantastic Halloween invitation!

Timeline for Holiday Greeting Cards & Holiday Invitations

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

If you listen closely, you can almost here the jingle jangle jingle of the holiday bells ringing.  The holidays are upon us and we will be celebrating Christmas Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years before you know it.

Is there a proper timeline to send out your holiday cards and holiday party invitations?  We typically consider a holiday party invitation to be in the causal party category, which would typically mean sending your party invitations out about 2-3 weeks before your event.  However, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be very important to send your holiday party invitations out a bit sooner than you normally would to ensure a full guest list.  I would suggest sending your holiday party invitations out about 4-5 weeks before your event.  That being said, it’s time to order your holiday party invitations now if you want to give your guests plenty of time to secure their schedules and plan on attending your holiday soiree.  You want your guests to receive your holiday party invitation first, of course!

As far as holiday greeting cards go, the timeline is a bit more relaxed on when to send them out…thus no need to panic a month or so before the holiday months start.  Holiday cards are typically sent during the month of the holiday, (December 1 – January 1).  However, it is now widely accepted to send your holiday cards after Thanksgiving (November 24) and all the way throughout the month of January.  If you’re running late, you still have plenty of time.  If you’re sending a January holiday greeting card you may want to choose a holiday-neutral greeting card or a New Years holiday greeting card.  You may even want to choose a digital photo greeting card and share a holiday picture of you and your family.

Remember that if you’re under a time crunch we offer rush processing options and upgraded shipping options on all party invitations.  We will be more than happy to have your product to you within a day or so of ordering.  If you’re not sure how long an item will take, feel free to call our customer service reps for clarification.  If there’s a will, there’s a way and we’ll always try to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Feel the holiday spirit coming on?  Take a look at some of our fabulous holiday party invitation and holiday greeting card designs below…

New Years Party Invitations

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

For some of us, 2011 was a rough year – whether it was a lost job, a divorce, a soldier sent overseas, a death of a loved one or financial hardships.  The good thing about the end of one year is the beginning of a new year – a fresh start and the chance to start anew.  I spoke with a customer the other day who told me she wasn’t much in the mood for celebrating the holidays this year in light of some recent events and we came up with a fun party theme that I think everyone could enjoy…It was a toast to 2012 party where you’re celebrating the upcoming year and all the possibilities that come along with it.  This is also a great theme for holiday celebrators who have friends that celebrate multiple different holidays.

At we offer a variety of New Years party invitations that will add a little sparkle to your event as you count down to the new year.  Whether you’re planning a black-tie affair or a casual house party, we’ve got you covered.  Choose from formal New Years party invitations with swanky silhouettes in formal affair, ornate chandeliers, champagne toast scenes and ornate pattern swirls.  We also have causal invitations which feature friends celebrating the new year, contemporary designs which decorate the year 2012, the famous ball dropping, clock countdowns and champagne towers.  Whatever your party style is for 2012, we’ve got you covered.

When planning your New Years party, set the scene with some sparkling decorations with black and silver streamers, confetti glitter and New Years signs.  Stop by your local party store and pick up fun New Years hats, noise makers, pins and glow sticks to make sure your guests can deck themselves out for the celebration.  Stock up on plenty of champagne for your midnight toast, and ask guests to bring a dish or brew to share with your other guests.  Start your party around 8 o’clock and be sure to collect keys or have safe rides home arranged.  If your friends have children, you may want to arrange for a sitter or two to watch the kids and entertain them so that your guests don’t have to arrange for a babysitter on New Years Eve, (trust me, they will thank you).

Check out some of our cork-popping New Years party invitations below and take a giant leap into the new year ahead!  Cheers to a great 2012!

Holiday Party Invitation Etiquette

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Have you walked the aisles of Target or your local department store yet?  I did yesterday expecting to see rows of Halloween costumes and candy.  To my surprise the Halloween aisles stopped at about four short rows and Christmas had taken over the entire back portion of the store!

Can it be…are the holidays really upon us?  In a word…absolutely!  Which can only mean one thing – it’s time to start planning your 2011 holiday party extravaganza.  Take a deep breath before you let the stress of the holidays creep in.  Remember that planning ahead is always the best things to do to reduce holiday stress, and plan ahead for the perfect holiday party that will go off without a hitch.

If you’re planning a holiday party for December or January, it’s important to send your invitations out plenty ahead of your event.  Normally we quote 2-3 weeks before an event as the amount of time needed to send out your party invitations.   However, as the holidays are such a crazy-busy, jam-packed time of year for everyone, sending your holiday party invitations out ahead of time is not only accepted, but essential if you want to have guests at your event!  Each Saturday and Friday night during the winter months are typically booked months in advance for parties, and you’ll want your guests to receive your party invitations first!  Sending your holiday party invitations out during the last week of November is a great time, as Thanksgiving has just ended and the preparations for December party events will begin.

In order to receive your holiday party invitations in-time for mailing, plan on ordering them approximately three weeks before you want to mail them out.  Our orders, from ordering online to delivery, take anywhere from 1-2 weeks total, (or faster if you need rush options).  You also want to give yourself plenty of time to stuff, seal, stamp and address your envelopes – thus a three week time window should be perfect.

When choosing the perfect Christmas party invitation or holiday invitation, be sure that your chosen holiday invite matches the theme of your event – be it a fun, casual and crazy ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ party or elegant and formal with a black-tie sit-down dinner.  Your invitation is the first indication of your holiday party ahead, and there shouldn’t be any guessing about the formality of your event, or the events to take place, if you choose the correct invitation.  Our causal invitations feature fun holiday hues with chic friends celebrating the holidays, fun holiday icons with Santa, reindeer and snowmen or Christmas tree designs.  Our formal holiday party invitations feature elegant holiday place settings, floral or damask patterns in chic holiday hues, evergreen scenes, intertwining swirls and accessory cards which feature layered cards, vellum and ribbon attachments.

When writing your holiday party invitation wording, be sure to include the main invitation essentials so that your guests have all the details they’ll need to know about your event.  You may want to start with a catchy holiday phrase or poem.  List the reason for the party, date, time, location, hosts names and RSVP, (or contact number if your guests have questions).  When listing your RSVP, it is widely accepted to now to include your email address in place or along with your phone number, which is especially convenient if you have a large guest list.  Should your event be kid-friendly or for adults only you are welcome to include this on your invitation as well…just remember to mention who IS invited, and not who ISN’T…as we don’t want to offend anyone.

Ready to jump start the holidays?  Take a browse through our amazing Holiday Party Invitation collection and keep the questions coming – we’re always happy to help you set up the perfect holiday party!

Holiday Wedding Invitation Inspiration – Red & Black

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Time to get inspired! Deciding on your wedding theme / colors can be a daunting task, but sometimes one small design can spark a world full of ideas and possibilities. Whether it’s a flower in a magazine, a friend’s wedding detail or maybe a design on a bridal brochure; you can look for color and theme spark ideas just about anywhere. One of our newest formal holiday party invitations from IB Designs, the Floral Vine on Red and Black invitation, has inspired me to create a red & black montage of suggestions for our holiday-season brides and grooms.


This holiday-inspired collection features dark and striking hues of red, black and white, all in a modern fashion with floral vining details. Of course, the red element picks up your holiday season inspiration and your black elements will add a modern twist to your traditional occasion.

black and red wedding theme

Start with our Floral Vine invitation, (available in red or green), and incorporate the hues and designs from the invitation into your wedding cake, bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses, boutonnieres, flower arrangements and table linens. Send each guest home with a red and black box of traditional holiday candy. The dark colors of this bridal theme will even allow for you to incorporate vintage designs into your wedding essentials.

Check out this invitation & more on InvitationBox!

Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Nothing adds sparkle to your holiday event more than a few cocktails and crazy friends!

When brainstorming on your next holiday party, why not host a holiday cocktail party for all of the adults to enjoy! Do your research when planning this party to concoct some signature holiday cocktails involving festive holiday staples like peppermint, chai, eggnog and chocolate. Ask your guests to don their best holiday attire or maybe even host an “ugly Christmas sweater” party and have all guests show up in that same holiday sweater their mother has been wearing since 1988.

Choose a holiday party invitation that gives lead to the type and formality of party you’re hosting, be it swanky and dressy or fun and casual. Our holiday cocktail party invitations include holiday martinis, silhouettes of friends decked out in holiday attire, festive wine glasses, holiday swizzle sticks, happy hour signs and other holiday spirit designs. Take a look at some of our newest holiday cocktail party designs below…

holiday cocktail party invitations

Let your guests know that it’s time to party and celebrate the holidays with their closest friends! Your guests will be raving that your party was a night they don’t clearly remember with the friends they’ll never forget!

Pocket Invitations

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Pocket invitations are all the rage right now. It started out being a formal wedding trend but has grown in popularity and expanded onto bridal showers, sweet 16 invitations, baby shower invitations, baptism and christening invitations, holiday invitations, anniversary invitations and more! Pocket invitations offer a multi-dimensional effect to your invitation and offer that little extra touch of class and elegance to an otherwise “typical” invitation. Most of our pockets come with an insert card for your text, an outside pocket and a ribbon or seal to hold the ensemble together. Some of our pockets even hold additional information cards like RSVP’s, reception cards and accommodations cards.

Our pocket invitations come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles from horizontal and vertical shimmer pockets to square pockets with vibrant insert colors, long and tall pockets and more. Below we have laid out an array of pocket invitations for you to view ranging from baby showers to weddings…

Can’t get enough of our pocket invitations? Visit our dedicated wedding website for pocket invitations or our main website for our other pocket invitations. Next time you’re planning an event go above and beyond the norm and branch out with a pocket invite. Your guests will be impressed by your invitation choice and the extra thought put forward into your invitation style.