Month: March 2010

Specialized Graduation Invitations & Announcements

Graduation is special achievement for any student, but graduating from or heading to a specialized professional school is a milestone that should not go unmarked. recognizes these achievements and has an entire graduation invitation and announcement section for those students graduating or heading to dental school, law school, MBA/grad school, medical school or nursing […]

Digital Photo Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Hats off to the birthday boy or girl! When planning your little one’s next birthday event turn your party invitation into a keepsake for your friends, family and co-workers. Our digital photograph kids birthday party invitations allow your guests to see an adorable picture of the birthday boy or girl and also allow out-of-state relatives […]

Graduation Gift Ideas

In a few months you are sure to be flooded with graduation announcements and invitations for friends, children of friends, co-workers and neighbors. When attending the graduation celebrations, most will not come empty handed. Below are some great suggestions for graduation gifts… 1. Cash/Check – everyone knows the expression “poor college student”. Money is always […]

Do you bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

Cheers to the happy couple!!! While flipping through cards the other day I saw that a couple had put registry information on an engagement party invitation and I was quite surprised. A co-worker then asked a very interesting question, “Well, is it appropriate to bring/ask for a gift at an engagement party invitation?” An engagement […]