Month: October 2010

Holiday Engagement Party Invitations

The holidays create such a warm and inviting time of year…a time to get together with family and friends and celebrate love, selflessness and life.  A time to give back to your friends, family or community.  With the joy and magic that the holidays bring, at we always notice the amount of engagement party celebrations […]

Halloween Traditions & Greeting Cards

Ever wonder why we celebrate Halloween or where some of our crazy customs come from?  In thinking about Halloween, which is just four creepy nights away, I did some research on Halloween customs and just where they originated from, and thought I’d share… Where Halloween Originated – Halloween actually originates from Northern Ireland where it […]

NEW VENDOR!!! Checkerboard Invitations

At, we are always looking to incorporate new products and vendors into our invitation and stationery collections, especially if it means that we help customers to find exactly what they are looking for.  That being said, one of the newest vendors that we have introduced to our website is CHECKERBOARD.  This high-end stationer offers […]